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Clearer skin is possible in less than 5 months

ABSORICA LD™ (pronounced AB-SORE-I-KAH EL-DEE) is an isotretinoin medication for persistent severe (nodular) acne that features an innovative technology. Persistent severe (nodular) acne is a condition that causes red, swollen, and tender nodules or cysts. It can make you feel like that’s all people see when they look at you—like your true self is being hidden. But there may be a way to define you on your terms. ABSORICA LD can help you achieve clearer skin in less than 5 months.

Delaying persistent severe (nodular) acne treatment may lead to scarring

Delaying treatment for persistent severe (nodular) acne may have permanent consequences for your skin. Acne can not only cause painful breakouts, but the redness or swelling associated with acne may increase your chances of forming scars. Severe (nodular) acne has also been shown to have a negative impact on your self-perception. Finding an effective treatment for your persistent severe (nodular) acne may help you avoid these negative effects.

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absorption matters for clearer skin

Absorption with or without food

For all isotretinoin medications (the brand Accutane™ is no longer available) to be optimally absorbed, they need lipids (fats) from food to attach to. But not all isotretinoin medications are designed the same. ABSORICA LD is able to provide optimal absorption with or without food.

ABSORICA LD also features innovative micronization technology that utilizes fine particles of isotretinoin to help your body absorb the prescribed amount of medication in the lowest possible dose.

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Reveal the real you

With ABSORICA LD, it may take less than 5 months to start putting your persistent severe (nodular) acne behind you. The majority of people taking ABSORICA LD should expect to see a reduction of nodules by 90%—some could even start to see results within the first month. If you’re ready for the chance to show the world the true you, it may be time to talk to your dermatologist about ABSORICA LD.

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Eligible patients could receive ABSORICA LD at no cost*

ABSORICA LD is covered by the majority of commercial insurance plans. And you could pay $0 for your ABSORICA LD prescription with the ABSORICA LD Copay Card. If you don’t have commercial insurance, you may still be eligible to get your prescription at no cost to you through the Patient Assistance Program.

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*Eligibility limits apply. Click here to see full limits and conditions.

add some moisture

Add some moisture

Consider putting together a go-bag full of moisturizers, lip balms, and eye drops to use while taking ABSORICA LD because it could cause dryness.

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