ABSORICA LD can reduce the number of nodules by 90% in less than 5 months

For roughly 40 years, dermatologists have trusted isotretinoin medications, like ABSORICA LD (pronounced AB-SORE-I-KAH EL-DEE), as an effective way to treat persistent severe (nodular) acne. ABSORICA LD can treat and prevent nodules from forming by reducing some of the underlying causes of severe (nodular) acne.

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ABSORICA LD: An innovative formulation

ABSORICA LD is unlike any other isotretinoin medication available. It features innovative micronization technology with two distinguishing features that work together to help you reveal the real you in less than 5 months.

Micronized particles
ABSORICA LD with micronization technology consists of very small particles of isotretinoin. Small particles are absorbed by your body better than large ones. This means that your body is able to get the optimal amount of medication while taking less drug.

Lipid formulation
For any medication to work as intended, it needs to be absorbed. In order for most isotretinoin medications to be optimally absorbed, they need lipids (fats) from food to attach to. But ABSORICA LD is different. It can be taken with or without food for optimal absorption.


Because no other isotretinoin medication offers these two enhanced features, it’s important to ask for ABSORICA LD (pronounced AB-SORE-I-KAH EL-DEE) by name at the pharmacy. See our common questions section here to learn more about this one-of-a-kind isotretinoin medication.

How ABSORICA LD treats persistent severe (nodular) acne

Persistent severe (nodular) acne is a complicated disease that involves 4 different factors. But ABSORICA LD can help. ABSORICA LD is a derivative of vitamin A that works by reducing some of the inflammatory responses that cause severe (nodular) acne.

  • Reduces oil production
  • Inhibits overproduction of skin cells
  • Minimizes the growth of bacteria
  • Calms inflammation
  • Prevents acne from developing
  • Reduces oil production

    Your skin naturally produces oil to keep you looking healthy and moisturized. However, if your oil glands increase the amount of oil you produce due to hormonal changes, it can actually be a bad thing. ABSORICA LD works to reduce your excess oil production.

  • Inhibits overproduction of skin cells

    Excess skin cells can be another potential factor of developing severe (nodular) acne. ABSORICA LD works to inhibit the overproduction of skin cells, which may lessen your chances of clogged pores.

  • Minimizes the growth of bacteria

    The combination of too much oil and an overproduction of skin cells sets up the perfect environment for bacterial growth. ABSORICA LD helps minimize the risk of bacterial growth by reducing oil production and excess skin cells.

  • Calms inflammation

    Bacterial growth in your pores is one factor that can lead to inflammation deep within the skin or on the surface. This inflammation is what causes the appearance of large, red, and swollen nodules. ABSORICA LD reduces excess oil production and skin cell buildup, which are commonly associated with inflammation.

  • Prevents acne from developing

    ABSORICA LD could help you achieve clearer skin in less than 5 months by not only clearing up your current acne but also helping to prevent any new nodules from forming. It has even been proven to help patients achieve remission from their persistent severe (nodular) acne.

Lasting results with ABSORICA LD

Your chance at complete remission from and resolution of your persistent severe (nodular) acne may be possible with ABSORICA LD. That’s because ABSORICA LD can treat the severe (nodular) acne you have today and offer the possibility of preventing any new nodules from forming. In less than 5 months, ABSORICA LD could help you show the world that you are more than your acne—not only today, but into tomorrow.

Effective: Nearly 8 out of 10 people should expect to see a 90% reduction in the number of nodules in less than 5 months.*

Fast: Some people taking ABSORICA LD could start seeing results within the first month of treatment.

Lasting: As seen in a clinical trial*, after 1 course of treatment, 95% of people should not need any additional isotretinoin treatments, and 82% should not need any other acne treatment for 2 years after treatment.

*Based on a study of patients taking ABSORICA.
Based on a 2-year, post-treatment observation period after taking ABSORICA without meals for 20 weeks.


Talk to your dermatologist about how to gain access to an ABSORICA LD Support Program. By signing up, you’ll receive an ABSORICA LD welcome kit, information for you, and more!

Success stories

ABSORICA LD could help you show the world that you are more than just your persistent severe (nodular) acne in less than 5 months. See what other patients had to say about their experiences with severe (nodular) acne.

I finally decide to make this giant commitment to myself and to try to address this problem once and for all.
ABSORICA patient
After I began taking ABSORICA, my skin started to clear up.
ABSORICA patient
I finally found a treatment option that worked for me and allowed me to achieve clearer skin.
ABSORICA patient

ABSORICA LD transformations

Take a look at these real patient before-and-after photos. You’ll see how they were able to move beyond the breakouts in order to reveal their true selves with ABSORICA LD—and you could, too.

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Eligible patients could receive ABSORICA LD at no cost

ABSORICA LD is covered by the majority of commercial insurance plans. And you could pay $0 for your ABSORICA LD prescription with the ABSORICA LD Copay Card. If you don’t have commercial insurance, you may still be eligible to get your prescription at no cost to you through the Patient Assistance Program.

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Eligibility limits apply. Click here to see full limits and conditions.

Seek cover

Because ABSORICA LD is a derivative of vitamin A, it can cause your skin to be sensitive to sunlight. If you’re planning to head outside, don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen to keep your skin safe while taking ABSORICA LD. You can even grab a hat or a long-sleeved shirt to cover up.

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